Monday, March 16, 2015

What Happens When You're Desperate

Lots happened this week but I won't get to write it all. Because this is Sister O's last P day in Japan, it's been CRAZY! I don't know how much time I'll have to email. But I Read all of your emails and I love them! I only have like a million I need to respond to and here goes another week without a response. Sorry folks!

So just yesterday we were approached by the Stake President. He asked us if we were doing okay. "Every time I come to Koga, I see nothing but fields! And I think, the missionaries must be struggling to find people to teach!" Despite this fact, we were able to see an amazing miracle this week.

In missionary work there are these things called Key Indicators. This is how we record our goals and our work out here. Through them, we record how many lessons we have per day and per week. Because we have iPads, this information is sent directly to our mission president so he can know how we're doing. On top of this, there's these goals called the Standards of Excellence. These are goals that our Mission President expects us to hit every week. One of these goals is twenty lessons a week.

At the beginning of this transfer period, we were pretty ticked that the second companionship of sisters in our area had been taken out. The only way we thought we could bring sisters back into Koga was to do so well with our Key Indicators that President Budge would have to send in more reinforcements. We wanted to break the Standards.

At the beginning of this period we were teaching fourteen lessons a week. This is not to judge anyone or put crazy expectations on anyone. We just knew we could do better. Every week we tried to improve. We could not break fourteen. 
We started this week strong, forgot ourselves, prayed specifically and got to work. We ran everywhere. We rode our bikes as fast as we could everywhere. We called people all throughout the day. And apparently God thought that that was enough because He provided a way for us to teach twenty one lessons this past week.

This is probably a boring email but that made my week. Even though Sister O.  is leaving and I'm getting a new companion, I'm determined to keep this up. I'll report back next week.

See you soon,
Sister Goldsberry

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