Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Happy Easter, General Conference weekend, Murray High Senior Ball, and birthday! I decided this week to follow the spirit of Elder Cook's talk. He said something a long the lines of: If you haven't recognized the hand of God in your own life, just look at the miracles happening around you.

So dear reader, if you haven't seen the hand of God, I hope you will come to recognize it after I tell you about the miracles that are happening in Japan.

~Last week, when we walked into the grocery store to do our weekly shopping, a woman was walking out and she sighed in the most delightful voice: "Mormons!" Now in Japan, you're lucky to find someone who knows who Jesus Christ is. If someone knows the Mormons, you've won the lottery. This woman went on to tell us, in fluent English (an even rarer sight), that other sister missionaries came and taught her before. Turns out she's a former investigator! So former, that her records are only on paper. She was only a blimp on our iPads. Amazing. 

~Just this past Sunday, we were determined to contact some referrals given to us by a Peruvian member. The directions to get to this alleged gold mine of potential investigators were given to us in Spanish, so I was alone in my desperate attempt to remember everything she said. We prayed at every turn. We were down to our last thirty minutes that we'd scheduled to find these people. We turned down new roads, and found a man in his yard. He told us he didn't speak Japanese, and brought out his wife to talk to us. She didn't speak much Japanese either and my Portuguese is way below conversational. As we got to talking, all I could remember was the word for church. But it caught her attention enough that she told us she wanted us to come back. We kept talking, and found out this was the friend of our member. Once she knew we were friends with this member, she got way more excited about church. She told us her only break from work was Sunday's, and we caught her just in time. Just an hour before, we had no idea where this person lived. But we set the goal to find her, knowing full well that we could only accomplish it with the help of God. He pulled through. And He gave us two new investigators from Brazil.

~It rained nearly every day this week, and I discovered that my rain pants are water proof for the moment! Miracle!

~That member that hounds me about my Japanese. Yeah. We laughed together this week. WE LAUGHED. In our last lesson, she didn't have to translate either my companion or me ONCE. Our Japanese is improving. That's a miracle.

~I didn't fall asleep during General Conference this year. That's a new record. From here on out that's how it's gonna be! 

Sorry the end of this email turned out weird. I have a limited amount of time and I wanted to squeeze as much in as I could. I love you folks! Please continue to write me and email me! 

See you soon,
Sister Goldsberry

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