Monday, August 31, 2015

Heads Up

Dear friends and family who have yet to grow tired of my emails, I love you. Thanks for staying tuned in.

Dreams came true over the weekend! Sister K fulfilled her long time dream of getting baptized! She was baptized in the softest most graceful manner I have ever witnessed. She took so many pictures. So many! It was like my own baptism all over again. We surprised her by inviting all the missionaries to sing "A Child's Prayer" after she was baptized. Without any practice time it was a beautiful number! Sister K. bore a brief, beautiful testimony that brought the Spirit in stronger than anything else we did. Sister M told me that night I fell asleep within the minute I finished my nightly prayers. By the amount of stress I felt all day long, I believe her.

A dream of mine was also realized when we received transfer calls this morning. I'm transferring to OIZUMI! Yeah none of you know what that means but it's the area of my dreams! It's the Brazilian branch of the Tokyo mission! There are also a few Peruvians to be fair but yes, from here on out until who knows how long I will be preaching the good word in Portuguese. The average amount of time that Spanish/Portuguese speaking sisters stay in this area is six transfers, mainly because there is nobody else to take their place. I don't even have six transfers left, family! So I could die there in Oizumi.

This is the accumulation of all the time God has spent preparing me. First off, my new companion is a girl I was in the MTC with. She's actually Portuguese not Brazilian. But she helped me with my pronunciation when I was memorizing the first vision in Portuguese. Later on, in my first area, I would get the chance to recite it to a Brazilian man. We found a total of something like three Brazilians in a little nook an hour away by bike in that area. Despite my below Japanese Language skills in Portuguese, I made some Brazilian friends. I transferred out of that area into a foreign land where I met only one Peruvian who wasn't even interested and lost all hope of teaching in Spanish ever again. These last two transfers I've spent with the beautiful, the lovely, the graceful Brazilian Sister M. have been met with the question: "Are you teaching in Spanish a lot?" Or "Are you teaching in Portuguese a lot?" With which we answer: No. Then comes the question of all questions: "Then why are you together?" I told everyone I honestly felt she was preparing me for this gorgeous land of Oizumi. And she really has!

I'm walking in with Japanese still dangling out of my back pocket, I haven't quite got it down but I'm so grateful to God for the opportunity to learn a fourth language while on my mission. Just typing that out even sounds crazy! I AM THE LUCKIEST PERSON ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET. I loved Chiba and I loved Sister M. but I am looking forward with hopes higher than the ant on the rubber tree! 

Alright, here's the heads up.
I debated with myself about whether or not I should include this but I thought, hey, I would want someone to give ME a heads up so here goes.
My birthday is coming up. Not this Friday but next. Folks back home and friends in the white field have a week to plan something. I've got an iPad so I suppose pictures are preferred if not absolutely treasured by me. That's all. There. Selfish, I know but also thoughtful, right?

I know this is short, but I gotta get packing folks! Los amo! 

Nos vemos!

Irmã Goldsberry


Thanking Elder Edwards for the referral

Got the birthday package!!

Video of how they found out where they were going. Can only be watched from a computer. 

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