Monday, October 19, 2015


Never will I ever respond to all the emails I have to respond to!
Maybe by the last week of my mission.
I love you all!
This week I was able to see another baptism. Wow and another awesome
faithful person brought closer to Christ and I seemed to do nothing.
This is God's work.
This little girl, C. is like my sister. Despite being Brazilian,
we taught her completely in Japanese. Man oh man looking into her eyes
after she received that gift of the Holy Ghost was the most beautiful
moment of my life. Poor eight-year-old girl didn't even have anything
to say. The Spirit was as thick as a Brazilian steak!
I also had an opportunity to speak Japanese to the same crowd that
giggles at my Portuguese and that was a blast. Yes Sister Goldsberry
has managed to hold onto some pride this week.
I'm sorry it's a short thought but I know that I've found myself as
I've forgotten myself. I never knew who I was sitting around thinking
about myself. It's been when I go out, get muddy, sweaty and bleed a
little that I know who I am and where I stand. More on that next week.
I love you all!

 See you soon,
Sister Goldsberry

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