Monday, January 25, 2016


I had a terrible thought this week.
I had an idea of what to write, and then I thought:
"That's good. That's TOO good. I should save that for my homecoming talk."
And then I threw myself into oncoming traffic. What a crazy selfish
jerk I have become. I'm fighting this daunting homesick feelings like
the 2,000 stripling warriors fought. I'm running from every homesick
thought like Laman ran from Laban. But it's hard.
I want to try to describe the joy I've felt on my mission to you folks
back home. This week, of the many awesome things that happened, the
ones that made me the happiest were:
-Teaching my first Brazilian friend in Shibuya
-Accidentally running into a less active on the street and reminding
her about God's love
-Meeting a friend who had read the whole Book of Mormon in a month.
Inviting her to baptism and her saying yes. This was our second
meeting by the way.
-Cleaning the Tokyo Temple
-Taking a selfie with a random stranger because I looked like her dog.
Later, discovering she is Christian. As we were talking her friend
walked by on her way to work. We started talking as the four of us,
and discovered that the friend was Christian too, they were just too
shy to tell each other. The excitement of meeting a foreigner coerced
them to confess. We had a group hug on the street.
The joy of missionary work is a joy too big for your heart. It's a joy
that makes you want to dance and doesn't let you care what you look
like. It's a happiness that makes you feel more beautiful than any
celebrity, despite the lice crawling in your hair. (Monday update: my
last hair treatment was today! Thanks for all your advice, the lice
are gone.)

The effects of this level of joy can cause sore cheeks from
smiling until your face breaks, a raspy voice from shouting hymns at
the top of your lungs, and a heart so warm it feels as though it's
melted and runny. This is an everlasting joy. This is a joy that can
be felt time and time again, deeper every time.

This tops any date, any test score, any ball game, any compliment, any kiss, any hug, a
round of applause, listening to a crowd chant your name, looking down
a line of people with roses, driving a new car, JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING
Nothing is worth more than the souls of the people walking this earth.
There is no reward greater than the rewards God has for those who
bring His children back to Him. I love my mission, I'm glad I came,
I'm glad I have so much time left. I'm glad missions are forever and
that I can feel this joy every day for the rest of my life.
Love you, see you soon,
Sister Goldsberry


View from the apartment

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