Monday, March 14, 2016


This week was one of the most miraculous weeks of my mission. I don't
understand why. But I'm looking forward to many more miraculous weeks.
This week the assistants tried to send me home. They lost count or
something and thought I was going home next week rather than next
transfer. They had already scheduled in my final interview with my
mission president and everything. It was terrifying, but hilarious
too. So I got an email all about my final week eight weeks in advance.
Ha ha......Yeah it's more terrifying than hilarious.
Tuesday was amazing. It was a four pager in my journal. But the
biggest miracle was on account of a man named K. We had just stepped
out of a devotional and were set to find some prepared people. Before
we stepped out the door we said a group prayer with some members. We
hit the streets running. Ten minutes later we get a phone call from
those same members. They told us we had to come back because a man had
just walked into the church for the first time asking about how he can
worship Christ. By divine intervention, we weren't far from the church
so we hit the street retracing our steps. This man K. actually had a
Mormon grandpa. He's Korean himself so I got to show off the two words
my dad drilled into my head. Luckily he graduated from a Japanese
University so he's fluent in a language I can actually speak. We
exchanged phone numbers and he left my companion, the two members, and
me in tears. God prepared K long before he was born so we could meet
him. I can't wait to see him in white, which I'm sure will be soon by
the Spirit that hit me like a brick wall when I saw him for the first
time. An even more mysterious aspect was that his English name is the same as my grandfather.
That's right, K's English name is Richard. We're we meant to meet or

I don't know if I've written home about Y yet. I've told her story
so many times to so many people to boost their faith I've lost track.
Y. was married to a Mormon man ten years ago. Now she's divorced,
but decided now, just in this last month to look up the Mormons. She
got in contact with me. We made a goal for her to be baptized at the
end of March....We met her the last week of February but she still
accepted. Every time I meet her it's a miracle. This week's miracle
made me want to run to the nearest rooftop and sing. Remember how we
met her the last week of February? We gave her her first Book of
Mormon back then and she's been reading from the beginning. March 14th
update: She's up to 3rd Nephi. WHAT IS LIFE?
Just yesterday we were riding our bikes around and I found the gall to
stop a woman in the middle of a crosswalk. Turns out she's American,
has a Mormon friend, and was taking the lessons. WHAT IN THE WORLD? Do
you realize there are something like 10 million people in my area and
I happen to run into one that was learning from the missionaries and
only stopped because of a small dispute on heaven and hell?!
Earlier in the week I had two nightmares that didn't let me sleep for
the rest of the night. As I've been on a mission, I've seen some
disturbing things, of course. Some of them were haunting me this week.
The day after I had the second one, I pulled some elders off the
street and demanded a blessing. This blessing bestowed on me by the
power of the Melchizedek Priesthood, the very same that Jesus Christ
held when He was on the earth, helped me forgive and find healing. I
thought that was a miracle.
So many more miracles happened. Thousands more happened that I didn't
see or recognize. The biggest miracle is that I made it this far on my
mission, and I still have time left.
See you soon,
Sister Goldsbery


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