Thursday, October 30, 2014

First e-mail from the MTC!!! October 23, 2014

"Has it been a week already? Or a year?
I'm sleeping well! We have blankets and sheets from the MTC and I just sleep like a rock. At most I'm letting Japanese thoughts go through my head or thinking of home for like 20 min but then I'm out. like a light. By some miracle, my worry doll was still in my pillow case when I took it out of my suitcase. So I feel like my worries are eased. But my worry doll has grey hair now. If you don't know what that is, look it up I don't have time!(:
I'm trying to figure out my alarm clock. I think I got it now, but it was a struggle. One night it went off at 3:00 AM. We haven't ever slept in yet.
I never have to wait for a shower! We have plenty of girls but somehow it just works out. It's not this way for the elders, I hear. They have to race.
Our apartment is pretty sweet. There's only three of us (I'm in a trio companionship) but four closets and four desks and six beds. We have plenty of room. With all of our suitcases underneath our beds, it's roomy. I put up the pictures of Jackie and I, the drawings that Caitlin Cottham drew for me and the pass along paintings Brenda Pett gave me. Whenever we find pictures, we hang them up. We almost want to call it home. Almost.
As soon as we got here we got a card. Every Wednesday, $8.00 is put on it. This doesn't go toward food or anything, just stuff we can buy at the store here. And for late night trips to the vending machines. It's a nice back up to have. But not every place here takes the card, cash is still helpful.
They sell Mika Rose clothing here. For real. I felt like the few items I bought there must be missionary approved if they're selling stuff here. They don't sell any tops that I bought though, which is good.
Our classroom is pretty bleak. And we're in it all the time. Hours after hours. Luckily, we just found some pictures to put up. Pictures of Adam and Eve, Jesus, Lehi, etc. I also put up more pass along paintings. Some Elders put up art they've received. It's not so bad now. But we need bigger desks. Do you have any idea how many books I have? And we all have them so times that by eleven. That equals bigger desks. For now, books flop onto the floor ALL THE TIME.
Every Wednesday and Saturday we do service. It's typically first thing in the morning. We'll just clean random buildings. So far, I've moped the stairs to the gym and vacuumed a building for the senior missionaries. It ain't half bad. Especially when there are other sisters that clean your bathroom for you. This is the life.
On our apartment floor, there are bins everywhere. Sisters who have left leave tons of stuff for us. There's a free food bin, a clothes bin, a books bin and a products bin. It's really awesome. Like a treasure hunt! It was super helpful too because one of my companions forgot shampoo but she got some for free outta these bins. Inspired, really.
When we got here on Wednesday, there were sisters in our zone that were leaving for Japan on Tuesday. It was a little disheartening because we heard them bear their testimonies, give talks, and say prayers in Japanese. But then day 2 happened and we learned how to do all that. So really, who's to say they ever got past day 2? Technically I've caught up. But anyways it's still hard because I saw them as the end. It feels like the end is when I leave the MTC but really it's when it begins. They're probably in Japan right now, floundering. But it's hard to see ahead nine weeks.
We're learning consistent, inspired patterns on how to receive revelation. It's way cool. I know I can use these steps for the rest of my life. I know exactly how to invite the spirit and teach through it. I am not worried. I know what I have to do. It's crystal clear. I'm praying like it all depends on Him, but I'm working like it all depends on me.
Well could ya believe it? A week goes by and I can already read and sing hymns, say prayers and bear my testimony in Japanese. I am amazed too. It doesn't feel any different because I know God speaks all languages, even sad, broken Japanese.
I have to go! My companion never received any letters so I'm gonna write her one! I love you all! See you soon!"

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