Thursday, October 30, 2014

Spoiler Alert...The MTC is Awesome!!!!!! October 30, 2014

Here comes the spoiler alert: So remember how the second day we had an investigator? Well we were teaching him nearly every day and definitely praying for him every day. We prayed to be filled with charity so we could love this essential stranger. Every time we studied we thought of him. Everything was about "Yuki san" and his progression. One of the elders took a picture with him.

So one day, just as we were about to invite Yuki to come to church, our teacher informed us that he moved back to Okinawa so we weren't gonna teach him anymore. WHAAAAAAA. Our teacher then left us to wallow in our disappointment. We were all sad. All the notes we had in our notebooks, all the vocabulary we'd learned was for Yuki and now he was gone. We were beyond sad, we were downright depressed.
After dinner, our teacher was nowhere to be found. We waited anxiously, not knowing what to expect. One of the elders went out into the hall to get a drink when out of nowhere he shouts:
That's right, Yuki walked into our classroom in a blue suit and introduced himself as Brother "P". The student became the master.
It was quite brilliant actually, because as soon as Brother P walked in we loved him. He's the best teacher. We immediately trusted him and listened to everything he had to say. To be honest, I had my doubts while we were teaching him. He was very good at looking confused and not laughing as we whispered harsh English to each other when we taught him. But in our last lesson, he was wearing a BYU sweatshirt. Hmm. Also, when we showed him a picture of Nephi and his brothers, (We were teaching him abou the BoM), and he asked who Laman and Lemuel were, I told him they were his church. Church and brother are very close in Japanese. Kyokai vs. Kyodai. That time he really did bust out laughing. He said it took him a lot of practice not to laugh. He only did when we caught him off guard. 
But honestly, he's my favorite teacher. Brother "P" is studying Japanese at BYU while also studying psychology because he wants to be a criminal investigator sort of. With fluency in Japanese, he could be in the FBI. HOW COOL. I knew I liked him. At the end of class, one of the elders shouted
"AISHITTEMAS!" (I love you)
We all nodded our heads and I said: "It feels good to finally say it."
That's the spoiler. I honestly don't think that experience would have been half as fun had I known what was gonna happen ahead of time. Now, we go back and forth with all three of our teachers and teach them. They take on the role of an actual investigator they met in Japan and we teach them what they need. So. Much. Fun.
I'm also in the MTC choir! Next Tuesday we're gonna be broadcasted to other MTCs! Pass it on! It's so cool, but, it has it's cons. Choir practice is at 5:15 while dinner is at 5:35. So, if we go to practice, we have to eat dinner at 4:30. That means a very hungry Sister Goldsberry. So just Monday (Was it really only three days ago??) I was feeling super hungry the morning after choir practice. Like stomach growling hungry. So I popped a single butterfinger in my mouth, drank some water and called it a morning. We work out before breakfast on Mondays, and typically I can last on nothing but that day I was just feeling it. 

It's quite a long walk to the main gym, and it's already bitter cold here in Provo, especially in the mornings. Something about the cold air made me sick. Really sick. It occurred to me suddenly that I was going to throw up. But I didn't want to be all dramatic about it and force the morning to be all about me. So I cupped my hand to my mouth and acted like I was warming up my face when in reality I was creating an airtight vomit shield. From like twenty feet away from the front door I shouted: "I gotta use the bathroom sisters! Just gimme a minute!" And I ran into the bathroom. I barely made it. I didn't even have time to close the stall door behind me I just swung the door open, aimed, and fired. Where typically my companions follow me into the bathroom, this time they didn't! Thank goodness! But, at one point in this fiasco, some elders peaked their heads in and asked: "Is anybody in here?" They were obviously there to clean it but instead got a "I'm in here! BLEEEHHH!" 

Super hilarious. Poor guys. What a way to start your morning. But all was fine and dandy after that! It was a small thing, I just threw up a single butterfinger and some water. I haven't thrown up since so I don't feel the need to tell my companions. I don't want to be selfish. But here I am telling you so that kind of defeats the purpose doesn't it?

I'm eating great! As many veggies and fruits as I can and tons of water! I'm going back and forth, losing and gaining the same pound which I feel is healthy. I'm not obsessed, I'm just curious. 

I love my companions, really I do. Before my mission I wouldn't have been friends with them. I wouldn't choose to be friends with anyone in my district. I wouldn't ever have anything in common with anyone here speaking Japanese but Sister Brewer. It just shows that when you pray for charity, God will give it to you. I don't know why I love everybody, I just do. The why comes later. Sometimes a lot later. But life's easier if you just love everybody.

I'm learning a ton more. I can conjugate verbs in Japanese! HOLY MOLEY! The box I got my package in is perfect for all my books I mean perfect. At this point, I can flip to certain chapters in the BoM and the Bible! I'm doing alright! I haven't gotten sick yet either! Tell Elder Moustleberg's mom that even he got sick but he's feeling better now. He just snorts like mad sometimes in class. He says he's gotta lotta phlegm.

I love you guys so much keep sending letters I love them! I wish I had more time! I wish I could get a reply to my brain and reply back to your brain! Just know I love you and I'm praying for everyone! I feel your love and prayers and I need them! Ahhhhh more time!


Sister Goldsberry

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