Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Missionaries God has chosen for Japan

This week wasn't super eventful. Just a lot of class and awesome devotionals. The highlight? I have a shirt with tassels on it, one fell off and I managed to sew it back on. It's pretty impressive. Once I get a converter thingy for my memory card, I'll email you pictures. So this week, I thought it would be fun to go through my district and tell you about the ten other missionaries I see every single day for six more weeks.
First, there's Elder N. He reminds me of Peter Rosen. He's super intelligent, and if you don't get to know him, you might mistake him for a serious guy. But he has the most infectious, hearty laugh. No matter what the joke is, if Elder Nielson is laughing, you're laughing too. He took Japanese all throughout high school. He also has a girlfriend who just so happens to be half Japanese. Her name is Lisa. She will also be serving a mission in Japan, but I can't remember where. Definitely not Tokyo. They're super funny because they're both sort of serious people. The first time they held hands, they had planned it out days in advance. They're that kind of couple.

Next is his companion Elder M. As German as that sounds, he's actually from Australia. He's tall and gangly. He has this adorable smile he flashes every once in awhile as if to say "Americans are silly." On his flight over here, his Vegemite got taken away from security, but he managed to find eight other Australian missionaries and some of them have got it so he's fine now. He loves explaining the difference between Australia and the United Kingdom.

Next is Elder E. He was our first District Leader. He's got big brown eyes and dark curly hair. He reminds me of Billy a lot. When he's thinking of what to say to us, he puts his hand on his hip. He's an interesting guy. He's from Minnesota, but he didn't grow up there so he doesn't have an accent. His first name is Merlin. Yes, Merlin. Before he came to the MTC, he had a big black beard. I can always count on him to say something amusingly random. The other day, when we were discussing our high school days, all he had to say was "When I had the chance to show leg, I WOULD." Never have I ever even imagined an elder saying that. He played baseball, so he loves sunflower seeds too. I shared some with him on a bad day.

E's companion is Elder C. He's from North Carolina, so he's very much a southern gentleman. Sometimes he says words and expressions we don't understand. He reminds me of a character John Hughes would have thought up. He's got this comb over, and he's always smoothing it and pressing it down with his hand. He's got a smile bigger than his face. When he smiles, his lips reveal every single one of his teeth and his cheeks stretch back to his ears. He's our storyteller. He'll tell other people's stories better than they could themselves.

Next is Elder D. He's from Lindon, Utah. He's also tall and skinny, but he looks more athletic than the other elders. He played basketball and tennis in high school. He's the youngest out of all of us. He's got these intense blue eyes. When class starts, there's nothing in the world that could take his eyes off the board. He tries so hard to pick up the language. He's the hardest worker out of all of us. 

His companion is Elder H. Elder H. has almost colorless hair, which makes you want to call it blond, but it's essentially white. From far away, you might think he's bald. But he's from Mesa, Arizona of all places. Our Elder from Lindon is darker than he is. Elder H. talks a lot, but he doesn't say anything, you know what I mean? I think he's just always anxious and he talks when he's anxious. He always seems to find me and talk to me while I'm studying. I'll try and focus, but he'll wait for several minutes until I look up at him to finish whatever he was saying. The Goldsberry curse lives on. (The Goldsberry curse is a curse in our eyes that says to others: Tell me your life story! All the gory details! I don't care if we're strangers!)  He has a habit of disappearing without saying a word to anyone, even his companion. He hates to sit. He floats around.

Next is Sister G. She's got all the luck in the world. This sister's parents were mission presidents. Which mission you ask? The Japan Fukuoka mission. From the ages of six to nine she lived in Japan. Her two older brothers were also called to Japan on their missions. One of her brothers married a Japanese woman and now lives in Japan with his children. Imagine with me for a moment her lack of surprise when she opened her call to Tokyo, Japan. She's from Texas herself, but went to BYU Provo for two semesters before coming here. She is so itty bitty. She eats salad every single day, for every single meal. She will be the first to crack.

Her companion is Sister F. from Tooele, Utah. She's got massive legs she earned by playing tennis for her high school. She's got beautiful long brown hair and blue eyes. Together, we often hold funny face competitions. It's pretty dead even. She has got the most beautiful, perfect voice. It really is the voice of an angel. I would sing tenor just so she could sing soprano. It's gorgeous.

That's everybody! You guys already know my companions, right? I could write novels on em.

I just thought of something else. Remember my worry doll? Three weeks in and the head popped off. I guess it couldn't handle the stress. Don't worry, I still whisper my worries to the disembodied head and carcass. I think it's working.

I love you all! Thanks for your prayers and letters I just eat them up!
Sister Goldsberry

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