Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving at the MTC

I am so sorry I couldn't write you on Thanksgiving! But I love you guys and I was thinking of you all day. There just wasn't any time! So here's a list of what I'm grateful for:

1.Razor Blade Covers and Band-aids
So I have an awesome shower caddy right. I love it. It saves me like three minutes every day. But the other day, I reached in for a towel, and came out with my razor blade hooked into my finger. I jerked my hand around, causing a wicked cool shaped cut on my finger but in the end detached the razor from my hand. I brought the injured finger up to my face immediately, and I saw the opening in the flesh of my middle finger. I watched the blood hesitate, then come out to play. I just wrapped my other hand around this finger and whispered "Bad news bears! Bad news bears!" until I found a band-aid. Luckily I have like fifty of them and I'm currently using one as I type this. My finger is so ugly right now. But I have no one to blame but myself! Who in the world is too lazy to put the razor blade cover (which is also in said caddy) back onto the razor when they're finished shaving? Who in the right mind stores their razor blades razor up?? I'm an idiot.

2.Come Thou Fount
So hopefully everyone heard about Elder Bednar speaking to us on Thanksgiving. AMAZING. They handed out cellphones in the audience and he answered questions we texted! This devotional was broadcast to every MTC so people in other places could email him questions too! It was historical. But before that awesomeness, the MTC choir sang. My companions and I are in said choir and it's glorious. We sang the Mack Wilburg arrangement of Come Thou Fount. Never have I felt so warm. Never have I sang so loud! But it honestly reminded me to be grateful for the fount of every blessing which is Christ's Atonement for us.Holy cow it was THE BEST.

3.Meet the Mormons, Popcorn, and Christmas lights
All of Thanksgiving day was awesome, but my favorite part was the end. No one had told us what we were doing for the last couple hours, besides that we had to meet in the auditorium. When we get there, they have enough bags of popcorn for every missionary. That's my first taste of popcorn for nearly two months (big deal for me). Then, as an opening hymn, we sang "Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree." THEN they announced that we would be watching "Meet the Mormons!" That was a crazy experience because I've seen it three times. The first time, I hadn't received my mission call yet. It was still so cool but I didn't feel any personal connections to it yet. The second time, I had my call and I watched it with my boyfriend. That time I cried because I saw myself as the missionary in the movie. Maybe this is TMI, but it was the greatest because I could walk out of the theater holding hands with my boyfriend and then return home and hug my family still. This third time I was just a wreck. It's weird how the same experience can feel so different just because you have changed as a person. But yeah. I cried. And so did another elder in my district so I don't feel bad. THEN the MTC presidency invited us to come outside for a surprise. THEY HAD TURNED ON ALL THE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS. By then I'd completely lost control of all my emotions and bawled in front of everybody. That day was also possibly the last day I would see Elder Cosgrove at the MTC and that just amplified the emotions. I was hopeless. Oh, the poor elders. They asked me if I was okay and all I could say was "Too....many....EMOTIONS!"

Well I have to eat dinner now! I love you guys! Next week it'll be a good letter I promise! I'll do something worth writing! AND I'LL HAVE PICTURES. See ya soon.

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