Monday, November 30, 2015


Dear Family,
There are no words to describe how good Sister J. is to me. There
is no limit to the happiness I feel to preach along her side. Has the
work gotten a lot easier? Does Portuguese seem to fly out of our
mouths? Have we managed to wrangle all the Brazilians despite being
two American missionaries? The answer is an absolute YES!
It's a little too easy to have so much fun out here.
After my last 2 transfers, I learned more Portuguese than I thought I did. I memorized more
addresses than I ever believed I could. Despite my shyness I developed
relationships that help us in a thousand ways every day.
President Monson has said: "Our most significant opportunities will be
found in times of greatest difficulty.”
For the last few weeks God watched my cry and stomp my foot time and time again. He might have even giggled as I shook my fist to the sky demanding "WHY."  And
now, one of those "significant opportunities" during that season of
"greatest difficulty" is I can speak Portuguese now.
One of my favorite scriptures during difficult times is Doctrine and Covenants 67:13-14.
"...continue in patience until Ye are perfected. Let not your minds
turn back; and when ye are worthy, in mine own due time, Ye shall see
and know."
In God's time I'll know why I had difficulties in the past. But for now I know that I am here, in my dream area, with one of the most successful missionaries of the Japan Tokyo Mission Sister J. herself. 
See you soon,
Sister Goldsberry
A sneak peak in the life of a missionary serving in Japan. Her lists made me smile. 

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