Monday, November 23, 2015

One Less Dirt Bag

QUICK UPDATE: My time with Sister M. is up and I'm heading into a
transfer where I am leading and my companion IS MY MTC COMPANION
SISTER J! I'm so excited. We're just going to sky rocket.

We teach English on the radio every month. On Christmas, we're doing a live Christmas show. Amazing! 

Man family this week I saw some things I can't write about. 

The single ray of hope for me this week was my agency. I know I cannot
control the agency of my brethren but boy oh boy am I in
control of me. I have the faith that as I perfect myself I will help
the world. It may not make a huge difference if I swear off some
practices, but at least there will be one less dirt bag in the world.

These are all experiences I've dealt with that I would never want to
inflict on anybody else.

Things I Will Never Do: 
Follow a stranger home
Send someone to follow my significant other for me
Call out to a stranger from a car. Heck, even rolling down the window and staring at somebody is creepy, so I rule that out too
Do drugs
Drink alcohol
Hang out with drunk people
Hide my wedding ring 
Raise my voice
Make death threats
Throw any kind of object at anyone
Lay a hand on my spouse 
Ask someone if they have a significant other during the first encounter
Force a hug or kiss* *NO ONE HAS TRIED TO KISS ME ON MY MISSION DON'T WORRY MOM Keep anyone from going to church 
Call anyone more than three times. At that point it's obvious no one wants to talk to you
Control anyone's wardrobe [EXTRACTION]

These are all experiences I've had on my mission that have filled me
with immense joy.
Things I Will Always Do:
Say thank you 
Say I love you
Call everyone brother and sister, call that significant other by an adorable nickname (for now this significant other is Sister M. I call her vida which means life in Portuguese and Spanish)
Keep promises and covenants.

That's it for this week folks. I pray that next week is a less
"eventful" week that I can actually write you about. 

DIRT BAG. Join me in my pledge! Add more to the list because I know I

See you soon,

Sister Goldsberry

Try and find me in this last picture. We cleaned a rice field after the earthquake/flood a month ago.

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